Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling in South Canberra

So . . . what brings you here today? Are you experiencing difficulties with stress, anxiety or depression? Are there unresolved events from your past that prevent you from moving on and living more fully in the present? Have you experienced bullying in your professional or private life? Do you experience confusing outbursts of anger? Do you wish that you could have more fulfilling relationships, or is your life just not turning out how you imagined it would? If any of these experiences are happening for you, holistic psychotherapy and counselling can help.

Within the safety of the therapeutic relationship we can explore the patterns in your life that keep you feeling stuck, frustrated or powerless, and explore new ways of being which are more empowering, creative and fulfilling. As trust develops between us, the painful and problematic areas of your life are able to be expressed, worked through and resolved, leading to increased self-esteem and a greater capacity to deal with stress.

When you feel heard, understood, accepted and respected, the therapy room becomes a safe place for change, enabling the development of resilience, vitality and a sense of purpose and meaning. If these are qualities you would like to experience for yourself, please read on to discover how holistic psychotherapy and counselling can help.